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Panto is as British as tea and scones. But like scones, it shouldn’t be allowed to get stale.  Bored with scripts that were lazy, poorly written and just not funny enough, I challenged myself to create something fresh and went on to write and direct two successful pantomimes for the Lynden Players. Both shows were original stories with traditional ingredients- dames, villains, romance and adventure. Both featured strong female characters, some of whom were played by men.

The humour was broad but sophisticated and appealed to all the family- plenty of innuendo and saucy wordplay for the adults combined with visual and physical comedy. The actors loved them. Audiences loved them, and came back next year. The Lynden Players cemented a reputation for new and exciting work which makes them stand out from their competitors.

Pushing the boundaries WAAAY beyond ‘family’ comedy, led to PLOT. The humour is still very British but more late night kebab than afternoon tea.

All works are available for preview or licensing.


HOOD - The Panto

Young Robin finds himself longing for adventure in a dull world. He finds himself transported to a magical world where he meets some well known characters - and some unexpected travellers -  who join his quest for adventure and romance.


CAMP - The Panto

CAMP is set in the early 1970s, when hair was long, platform heels were high and flares were wide. At Sandy Shores, a struggling holiday camp, the highlight of the season is the grand talent contest, which attracts a young man who wants to be a star and with him a mysterious stranger who may not be all he seems.



The bonfire festival will debut a new musical written by former wild child Jamie King. The play combines forbidden passion with the Gunpowder Plot. It's terrible. As opening night approaches, the desperate cast plot to sabotage the show and save their reputations.



Short plays, sketches, and monologues.

Small casts

Work in progress

I am currently finishing off Act Two of PLOT and hope to present this on stage very soon, guidelines permitting! I am looking forward to workshopping the script with my fantastic cast and crew who play a huge part in bringing the shows to life.

There is a third panto in development ( oh, yes there is) -  working title is AHOY, but this may change. I am also exploring some historical themes which could be a new direction for me. Follow my blog for updates or find me on facebook.