Terms of Use

So you're interested in putting on one of my plays?

Great! Why not download a proof copy and see if it's suitable for your cast and audience?


If you have any questions before or during rehearsals about the script I'd be only too happy to help. Also, If i'm able, I'd love to come and see your show!


Fees for 2020-2021 Season



Up to 200 seats  - £60 per performance

200 – 400 seats  - £70 per performance

400+ seats - £80 per performance

Licence to videotape  £25 


PDF proof copy - £10 (deducted from confirmed bookings)

Printable script - £50 


The reading copy is for review only and possession does not convey any rights for performance. A licence must be obtained prior to the start of rehearsals and the appropriate royalty paid before any public or private performance.

No scripts should be reproduced either in whole or in part without written permission to do so.



Any planned production can be postponed and rescheduled at no extra charge until further notice.