• Kay Andrews-Kuhn

Treading the Boards

This week I have been talking all things panto with Ben & Gill from Treading the Boards, our local amateur theatre podcast created during lockdown as a fun way to keep in touch, and remember our love of drama. They both share my passion for panto and it was a lot of fun swapping stories.

I was a little nervous beforehand and worried that I wouldnt find enough to say- HOW WRONG I WAS. If you listen carefully, you will hear me draw breath for a second about twenty minutes in. 'Come and talk about yourself and your plays', honestly the only problem was shutting me up.

I was delighted to talk about the inspiration for my original pantomimes, HOOD and CAMP and to remember the joy in writing them and then watching the shows come to life. I also shared one of my favourite moments from Hood, which was an unexpected twist that was not in the script. You will have to listen to find out!

Episode 8 - Panto (with Kay Andrews-Kuhn) - Treading The Boards: The Amateur Theatre Podcast It's Panto week ("oh no it isn't!"), and Ben and Gill are joined by writer Kay Andrews-Kuhn who discusses her original pantomimes as well as some of the best (and worst!) pantomime jokes and stories! Links: linktr.ee/TreadingTheBoards