• Kay Andrews-Kuhn


Here's a short play I wrote in response to the theme of 'Paradise' which was suggested at the last meeting of Stratford Playwrights. It's the first exercise I have taken part in since joining the group, and I really enjoyed the challenge of a creating a short piece ( under 10 minutes) on a particular topic. I was pleased with the final result and got some very good feedback.

When I sat down to write something, my thoughts immediately went to Paradise Lost ( I love the classics!) and I played around with some ideas of retelling the Adam & Eve story. I asked myself: how about Paradise Lost the panto, with Dame Eve in the Garden of Eden and Satan as the dastardly villain? What's that kids? A serpent you say? It's behind you! Maybe not.

I ended up writing about the temptation of Eve and set my action in a cocktail bar named Paradise. Will Eve be persuaded by the smooth talking barman? Like all good cocktails, there is a twist...

Download PDF • 561KB

Have a read- it's very short - and let me know what you think.